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Our Story

Finan Swim School was started in 1981 with the goal of providing London parents with a premium swimming program for their children.

Today the Finan Swim School program is still a family owned business! Our family along with our wonderful staff look forward to seeing your child reach their full potential each week.
At Finan Swim School we make the most of your child’s time in the pool! We focus on a structured environment where the children are encouraged to practice their swimming skills in a patient and supportive environment.

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Our 4:1 ratio swimming program provides some unique features for parents:

warm water swimming

The water temperature is kept at a SUPER warm 90 degrees! This means that a tiny 3 year old is able to stay in the water for their 30 minute class without shivering.

family swimming

Many of our families are juggling several weekly activities for 2, 3 or 4 children at a time, which means they need flexibility. This is why we offer a subscription based model for lessons.

friendly swimming instructors

While every parent wants their child to be successful, our overriding concern is that they enjoy the experience in a safe environment. Our swimming instructors are the best at making sure your child has a great time while they are learning to swim!